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4 Seasons Outdoor

Enjoy unique designs, high quality materials and contemporary styles that fit the needs of your customer.

With a variety of garden furniture from dining to lounge and everything in between, there is a fantastic new assortment waiting for you to discover.

Capitol Lounge Set

There’s a new way of relaxing. Capitol has stunning shapes and extremely comfortable, extra big cushions. All-weather abilities and durable materials included.

Play Modular Lounge Concept

Designed to ‘Play’ around with just five items, to create 25+ lounge sets: Our new modular Play lounge set is the answer to every outdoor space.

Endless Modular Lounge Concept

Create your ideal lounge set, sunbed or chaise lounge with just one item. Endless possibilities are waiting when backrests and teak platform are in place. All-weather materials and upholstery cushions guarantee an all-year-round eye catcher.

Inform or make an appointment with our 4 Seasons Outdoor team: c.newman@4so.uk