Katie Blake Outdoor Furniture by Glencrest Seatex Ltd


Katie Blake Outdoor Furniture by Glencrest Seatex Ltd.

Our Flamingo collection is very exciting being the only range available in the UK where every Armchair has a Reclining Backrest. Reclining High Back Armchairs have been in demand for some time now as customers can use the Chair to Sunbathe and as a Dining Chair. Produced in a smart combination of Full Round and Half Round Weave with deeply padded cushions the quality is very high with comfort being a main consideration.

Starting this season, we are introducing the only most popular sets so you can get a feel for customer demand. Available in two colours, Grey and Natural with coordinating cushions the prices are very competitive against ordinary non reclining chairs of a similar size and style.

The entire Flamingo range can be viewed at our Essex Showroom where you will be treated to an overnight stay, dinner at Southend’s version of the Ritz and a stick of Southend Rock to take home.

Email: sales@katieblake.co.uk and sales@glencrestseatex.co.uk

Web: www.katieblake.co.uk