El Fuego Decking new
El Fuego Decking new

El Fuego

The El Fuego Fire Pit developed by the Crop Candle Company, is the most efficient and effective firepit in the world. Emitting only 1.4kg of carbon/hr makes it the most eco-friendly firepit on the planet. It will burn for hours producing a consistent flame that is both hypnotic and therapeutic.

This amazing flame needs no attention and will dance at the same height without being tendered to unlike other firepits. No wood smoke is the big winner, making it the first choice for small gardens, picnics, camping and general use. Small enough to transport and big enough to heat the intended audience.

The El Fuego design is of natural wood, which is in keeping with the 100% natural fuel made from vegetable wax which has been sustainably sourced and gives out practically no smoke. If it’s the smoke and smelling of bonfires at the end of the evening this is truly the new flame of your life.

How did we come up with this amazing idea?

The Crop Candle Company is part of Sustainable Wines of Great Britain and sits alongside the likes of Marks and Spencer’s and Waitrose. We provide UK vineyards with an eco-friendly solution with our Crop Candles that heat up vineyards during the frost season to protect the bud freezing frost. The 30,000 kjs/hr of heat produced such an amazing flame and heat that we decided to design a casing which would be safe for consumers to use the candle in a sociable environment.

We called it the El Fuego Fire Pit, the world’s first wax alternative fuel for domestic use. Now with a secured patent the El Fuego is now going global due to its incredibly low CO2 emission and no woodsmoke pollution is making it a new revolution in the firepit community. We plan to have new designs cooing out soon, so watch this space.

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