Tramontina from Brazil - The Home of the BBQ
Tramontina from Brazil - The Home of the BBQ
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Tramontina from Brazil – The Home of the BBQ

Founded in 1911, Tramontina started as a small iron mill in southern Brazil.

The company currently has one of the largest industrial parks in Brazil with 10 factories aimed in the most varied segments – cookware, tableware, knives, barbecue grill accessories, stainless steel utensils.

Tramontina has a strong presence in Brazil and has reached over 120 countries. In total, there are 15 units abroad, including a distribution centre in the UK. Along with the renowned dishwasher safe steak knives, Tramontina is now including some new additions to the portfolio, as coffee and tea glasses, roasting pans, kitchen utensils sets, stainless steel cookware and cutlery.



This charcoal barbecue combines the passion and tradition of barbecuing with contemporary elements and efficiency. The barrel grill, the tin grill, the name varies according to the region, but whatever term is used it can work anytime, anywhere and has become part of the daily routine for those who are passionate about barbecue.

Bistro Set


Add a touch of elegance to your patio lawn or rooftop garden with this beautiful bistro set. Simple yet chic, crafted in treated teak wood with a weatherproof varnished finish, the set is comfortably light and completely foldable allowing for ease of storage when not in use.



Get the most out of your barbecue with this grilling tool set with everything you need. Made from stainless steel and FSC certified wood, it’s the perfect gift for any budding barbecue.