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Top of the Range, Wood Fired Ovens and Accessories

The demand for authentic wood fired cooking is on the rise and the Alfresco Chef have the range to meet your needs!

Alfresco Chef wood fired ovens and accessories have been designed to cater for chefs of all abilities, from the master pizzaiolo to the at home outdoor cooking enthusiast who wants to achieve the fullest flavours for family, friends and guests.

Our aim is to make wood fired cooking accessible to all. Our ovens are versatile, fun and really easy to use, and not just for pizzas either. You can roast, bake or barbecue a range of different foods and dishes, with a guaranteed authentic wood fired flavour with every bite.

With ceramic fibre installation and thick fire brick floor tiles, our ovens reach temperatures of over 400ºC in under 20 minutes, remaining consistent throughout the cooking experience. The ovens have flat bases so they can be easily mounted on to heatproof surfaces to complete the perfect outdoor kitchen. Other features include mobile stands for ease of movement and positioning, wind protection and storage.

With retail prices starting from £199, all our ovens come with a 3 year warranty for added peace of mind.

Ember Portable Oven


The Alfresco Chef Ember portable wood fired oven is compact and easy to assemble.

It features foldable legs, a removable chimney and a pizza peel for loading dishes.

It’s the ideal oven for outdoor events, camping, festivals and great days out with wood fired food.

Naples Oven


Our Naples wood fired oven gives would be outdoor chefs the perfect introduction to wood fired cooking.

The Alfresco Chef Naples oven is fun, easy to use and competitively priced.

With a small foot print, it’s the ideal outdoor oven for households with limited space.

Milano Oven


The Milano wood fired oven is a wonderful addition to any family garden or social event, allowing members of the party to gather round and share a unique cooking experience.

The Milano’s spacious cooking area and preparation table provides ample space and flexibility to cook up to four pizzas or multiple dishes at a time.

Verona Oven


The Verona wood fired oven is perfect for family parties and social gatherings, allowing everyone to gather around and share unique, fun and social cooking experiences.

It offers a large cooking area so that you can all get involved in preparing impressive and memorable family feasts together!