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Tom Chambers Range of Garden Covers


Tom Chambers showcased its range of next generation protective Covers for outdoor furniture, BBQ’s and other garden items at SOLEX 2019 and since the launch they have proved to be a winning range.

The Covers are manufactured from a heavy duty polyester fabric with a PVC free backing and have a Rainguard™ weather repellent, weather proof coating ensuring year-round protection against all the elements.

Heavy duty aluminium eyelets with extra strong bungee cords ensure firm security in all types of weather.


The Covers are offered in a brand new innovative contemporary weave, available in either grey or green, both have a luxury feel and appearance.

The material was new to the category when launched and is way ahead of anything currently on the market.

High quality packaging uses the same material as the Covers to form a re-usable carrier bag incorporating product information and full colour graphics designed to stand out in store.