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The Ultimate BBQ For Enthusiasts


The new A450 Performer BBQ, launching in 2021, is our best performing BBQ yet. Incredible “Heat Evenness”, fast “Heat Rise” and constant “Heat Retention” makes the A450 Performer the ultimate BBQ for enthusiasts. The A450 Performer will feature our new LED control system with light changing LEDs depending on whether the burners are on or off. The hidden slide out tray provides extra shelf space and doubles as prep surface.


At Sahara, we believe that excellent quality, performance and functions are a minimum and our customers should not be charged a premium for them. As a family business with over 20 years manufacturing experience, we have all the tools to achieve that.

Our products are designed and developed in Europe. Our team of product designers and developers based at our European HQ are not only working on exciting new products, but constantly evolving and improving long standing existing products in our range.

Unlike many of our competitors, since 2005 we have been manufacturing our products ourselves. Not only helping us achieve our target of unbeatable value but also giving us complete control of how our products are produced.

At Sahara HQ, we ship all over Europe from our huge distribution warehouse. You have the peace of mind that when you place an order with us, we pick it, pack it and dispatch it for you.

We stand over our product with warranties of up to 10 Years. Your satisfaction is so important to us that our phone number is printed on every product. For the life of your product, if you ever need to, you can call through directly to us and speak with a member of our team at Sahara HQ, not an out-sourced call centre.