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The Birth of Firepits UK

It all began in 2008 when our eldest son was having a party at home for a group of his school friends. We were hoping for a warm summer’s evening so they could enjoy the freedom of the garden – and we could enjoy some peace inside. However, as so often happens, the fickle British weather was forecast to let us down.


Tim thought a fire pit could be the answer. First he looked around to see if we could buy one. When he couldn’t find what we needed he asked our friends if they could help but no one could. So, ever practical, he made one. And it proved to be a great success. The kids loved it, partied into the early hours and, rather than stay inside, we wanted to be outside with them, enjoying the warmth and light of the fire too.

Word soon spread. At first our friends asked to borrow the fire pit but before long asked Tim if he’d make them one. Next people offered to buy one and very quickly we were offered the chance to sell them on a larger scale at a polo event in Gloucestershire. From here Firepits UK was born.

Our children have long since left home, but Firepits UK remains. We’re proud to be part of our local community here in beautiful rural Wales. And we’re proud that we’re keeping alive the age-old tradition of crafting with metal.

Traditional, natural and kind to the environment

In these unprecedented times we are particularly proud of our truly British made fire pits, pizza ovens and outdoor kitchens that are handmade at our workshop by skilled, local craftsmen. We only use high-grade, thick (at least 3mm) British steel. And we use construction methods that mean they’ll last for years.


Because we want to save resources and help protect the environment we don’t coat or treat the metal we use, other than a quick lick of oil before it leaves the workshop. We also use as little packaging as possible. So smaller items will come in a box but larger items will have no packaging at all.

We design all our products so you can use and store them outside. The thick steel we use means they’ll withstand all weathers, the heat from the fire and will last for more than ten years. Any rust they develop is simply a natural part of the ageing process and is nothing to worry about. In fact, it’s part of what gives each fire pit, pizza oven or outdoor kitchen its unique beauty.

Visit to view our full range of fire pits and accessories and call our office on 01873 840029 if you require any advice.