Supremo Winners
Supremo Winners
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Supremo Ltd celebrates frontline workers during COVID lockdown

A social media campaign was launched by Supremo Ltd during lockdown to give back to the UK’s key workers, with a garden furniture giveaway worth over £10k.

One of the UK’s premium wholesale garden furniture supplier, watched sales boom due to the unseasonal heat we experienced whilst in isolation. Online retailers were selling out fast, making it difficult for the general public to purchase any garden supplies whilst staying safe at home let alone the workers on the frontline.

The Telford based distributor, provided the opportunity to win highly desirable garden furniture from large dining to deep cushioned lounge sets. Two months into lockdown, Supremo followers were asked to help through social media accounts by nominating a key worker in need of a place to relax.

Managing director, Julian Windsor, planned the £10K giveaway to celebrate those working hard to keep the UK going and wanted to ensure they were given the opportunity to win a commodity that would benefit them and their families.

“It was about making sure some of our frontline workers had a place where they could relax once home with their families,” said the owner who has been in the industry for over 30 years. “There was a lot of public love for our key workers but by asking the individuals to nominate the appreciation became personal.”

“Supremo Ltd wanted to highlight the amazing things people are doing and what they are going through in order for the UK to stay safe.”

“I have been absolutely delighted by the response with over 1000 comments and likes across our social media pages. It has been really uplifting.”

Supremo Ltd gave away four sets over a week worth over £10K in retail value. Four lucky winners were picked at random and came from across the UK.

Among the winners were Sam and Tori, and Aimee and Matt.

Supremo Sam and Tori

Sam and Tori from Birmingham both work for the NHS, and during lockdown Sam hadn’t seen his two young boys for over 3-months.

Supremo Aimee and family

Aimee who works as a health care assistant in the Stroke Ward, had to self-isolate from her family for 14-days at the start of the pandemic.

“I was completely overwhelmed by the nomination and I never thought I would win,” said Aimee.

“It never crossed my mind that what I was doing was worth the acknowledgment, for me it was my duty to keep going for my patients.”

Normally, Aimee and her husband, Matt work alternative shifts to ensure they have childcare and get very little time together.

“Winning this set means we have a place to go and relax as a family. Quality time means the world to us and is very precious. We can’t thank Supremo enough,” explained Aimee.

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