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Hartman Launches Virtual 3D Showroom Experience

Hartman launch its new virtual 3D showroom, enabling all clients to view its 2021 collection during these uncertain times.

The unpredictability of this season has resulted in all companies adapting to new strategies in order to reach out to customers. With the unfortunate news of SOLEX being cancelled this year, Hartman wanted to give centres the opportunity to view the range, even if the nation was still in restrictive lockdown measures.

The virtual technology enables customers to navigate around the showroom, using similar functionality to that of Google Maps. Clients can walk around the furniture as if they were there in person and digest useful information about each set using the furniture hot-spots.

This innovative virtual tour also acts as a fantastic post-appointment reference tool for guests that have visited the showroom and wants a quick reminder of the collections.

Hartman Marketing Manager – Michelle Bradford comments “We are very excited to offer clients an easy to use, innovative bit of tech that enables centres to view the new 2021 collection, in the comfort of their home or office.”

“We welcome all customers to visit our showroom in person, with the reassurance of COVID-19 measures in place. However, we understand some customers are either; unable to visit due to travel restrictions, or may not have the time during this very busy trading period. The 3D Showroom Experience gives customers the option to view our new collections, that we are very proud of, with a cup of tea, at their own leisure.”

Hartman’s showroom is open between 6th July and 7th August. To make an appointment or to view the 3D Virtual Showroom Experience please email marketing@hartmanuk.com.