Grillstream Barbecues 2021 - BBQs go Hybrid
Grillstream Barbecues 2021 - BBQs go Hybrid
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Grillstream Barbecues 2021 – BBQs go Hybrid

The nation’s passion for barbecuing has been ignited in 2020. Beautiful weather and more time at home and in the garden has allowed us to spend time doing what we love – cooking al-fresco.

Grillstream has seen a hugely successful year, and with more people than ever loving their outdoor spaces, LeisureGrow has developed its barbecue range for 2021 with more models and features to choose from. Whether you have a small balcony or sprawling patio, Grillstream barbecues has a model to suit.

Grillstream’s key innovations for 2021:


Hybrid System – Gas or Charcoal – you Decide. All Grillstream models for 2021 come with Grillstream’s unique hybrid technology. All gas-powered, the Grillstream range now allows you to cook with gas over charcoal, getting that much-loved flavour infused into the food. Consumers can now get all of the ease and convenience of gas barbecuing and still achieve the taste of a traditional charcoal barbecue, ingenious!


Gastro System – Cooking Al-Fresco gets Creative. For creative barbecuing, the Gastro system comes on the Grillstream 4 and 6 burner models. It includes a reversible flat plate/griddle which allows you to cook more delicate dishes such as fish and seafood that might ordinarily break up on barbecue grills. Remove this griddle and there’s the option to insert a pizza stone, wok or chicken roaster. Plus there’s a custom-made shelf on the side of the BBQ to neatly store the Gastro System accessories when you’re not using them.


Grillstream Double Grill System. Grillstream’s patented technology is now in its 7th year, the unique double grill system that channels the fat away, eliminating flare-ups, continues to amaze people – and once you try out this unique double grill system you’ll understand why!

The Ranges: Compact / Classic / Elite / Gourmet / Island


Come and test Grillstream Hybrid for yourself! To book your visit to the Grillstream showroom, call the LeisureGrow sales team on 01462 744 500 or email