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ECO Innovations in Furniture Design – How does a Plastic Bottle get into a Cushion?

The team behind LG Outdoor furniture is always looking for new ways to make products look, feel and work better, and that includes environmental innovations too. That’s why they’ve developed a NEW ECO friendly filling for their back cushions that’s made out of recycled plastic bottles!


How does it work? Each back cushion contains a filling 100% made from recycled bottles – it takes approximately 7x 1 litre bottles to make enough filling for a comfy, plump cushion.

Jody Grimmer, managing director of LG Outdoor said, “We know our customers and consumers alike are concerned about their impact on the environment, and we’re really proud of this new innovation we’re able to bring to outdoor furniture.”

This ECO innovation is an example of the kind of industry-leading technology that LeisureGrow prides itself on. For the past 20 years the company has been innovating, and for 2021 the new technology in its products is impressive. Alongside its current technology favourites like Eden Seasonproof Cushions, new innovations include:


StainSAFE – Stain Resistant Fabric from LG Outdoor means there’s no need to worry about food or drink spills damaging your cushions. StainSAFE technology forms an invisible barrier over every inch of the cushion fabric, so all you need to do is sponge-clean the spillage to get the cushion looking brand new once again.


EverRope – Rope-Effect PE Rope from LG Outdoor combines the stylish, contemporary look of rope with all the hard-wearing and long-lasting benefits we’ve come to expect of PE weave. With a blended colour palette and imprinted rope texture it looks just like natural rope, while the high-quality polyethylene is 100% waterproof, strong, UV resistant, and 100% waterproof.

This is just a taster of the innovative technology used in LeisureGrow’s products – to book your visit to the LeisureGrow showroom to find out more, call the LeisureGrow sales team on 01462 744 500 or email sales@leisuregrow.com.