Daro Auckland Lounging Outdoor rattan furniture
Daro Auckland Lounging Outdoor rattan furniture
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Design your own range with Daro for 2021

Create your own range of outdoor furniture for the 2021 season with Daro, experts in producing quality outdoor furniture with UK manufactured cushions.

Following the success of the ‘Tailored’ concept Daro are expanding the scope of the programme working on the principle that every stockist and retailer is different – each with a unique customer base.

Daro Barcelona Corner with table

Some highlights of the scheme are shown below and in the accompanying video:

  • Design your own ranges and set combinations suited to your customers.
  • Choose from many weave colours, core sizes and finishes.
  • UK Manufactured Cushions with a large choice of performance fabrics and new all-weather cushions for 2021.
  • A range of delivery options including Direct Containers and our popular staged delivery; offering spreadable cash flow and minimising warehouse space.
  • Low MOQ values per item.
  • Sell items individually from sets and top up in season and end of season, so you are not left with unsaleable odd items.
  • 5 Year standard frame warranty.
  • As it is your own range, there is reduced competition from other retailers.
  • Referral orders from Daro.
  • Comprehensive replacement cushion programme.
  • Designs and orders to be finalised by end September 2020 for Jan 2021 delivery onward.

For more detailed information please see the video below. https://www.youtube.com/embed/Ynir4PhgedE

Daro also offer a comprehensive range of stocked indoor and outdoor products.

Choose to stock some of our standard outdoor ranges and take the hassle out of stocking outdoor furniture, sell from your display and Daro will deliver goods to you in 10-14 days from a choice of fabrics unrivalled in the UK.

Our Indoor rattan furniture continues to remain popular and has been designed to accommodate the traditional and modern home.

Daro Havana Outdoor Peacock white lounging chair

As a Daro stockist you can sell from a display (min 3 sets) with cushions made to order and items delivered from UK Head office in 3-4 weeks. Over 70 fabrics are available across a broad selection of frames designs to suit all homes.

Daro Monterey outdoor rattan furniture lounging suite

As we are manufacturers, we are also able to offer Indoor fabrics on our Outdoor ranges opening up the choice for consumers.

For further information please visit the Daro website at www.daro-cane.co.uk or call 01604 758989.

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