Waspinator Ltd.

Waspinator repels wasps & attracts customers

Waspinator – Europes’ best selling Wasp deterrent.

Waspinator Twinpack Box

Highly effective and simple to use. Repels wasps naturally, without harming them just hang it up – that’s it!

  • No Chemicals
  • No Maintenance
  • No Traps
  • No Mess
  • No Dead Wasps

How does it work?

Waspinator FSDU

Waspinator creates a large wasp free zone without killing wasps and without disturbing the insect world in your garden. No mess or chemicals to clear up, no traps, no maintenance, and no dead wasps.

Scientifically proven and based on an age-old remedy Waspinator acts as a decoy just like a scarcrow and naturally repels wasps by mimicking an enemy wasp nest.

Where should I use Waspinator?

  • Anywhere you eat or drink outside
  • Under your table umbrella
  • Under a tree
  • Around the eaves of your house
  • Anywhere children play
  • Take it with you on picnics
  • Take it camping or caravanning
  • Repels wasps from your loft or garage

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Yewbank, 1 Yewbank Terrace
LS29 9EZ

Tel: 0113 815 4994

Website: www.waspinator.co.uk

Primary product range:

  • Accessories

Meet the Team

Richard Piddocke - Waspinator

Richard Piddocke

Waspmeister General

Co-founder in 2008, Richard was brought up by his parents never to kill any living creature, ironically with the single exception of wasps. Richard will be more than happy to regale you with information on how to live in harmony with, and at a safe distance from, wasps and, more importantly, why we should. The Natural History Museum thinks we should call them ‘The Garden’s Friend’ for the work they do killing aphids, flies and caterpillars, and for pollinating flowers. He will be very pleased also to provide information about how and why Waspinator works so well.

Nigel Clarke

Waspfinder General

Tel: 07798 815832

Nigel has a lifelong career in Gift and Garden products and joined Waspinator in 2015 having contacted Richard after buying a Waspinator for his own use and being delighted with its effectiveness (true story!). Nigel will be pleased to provide prices and trade information, and will be very happy to offer advice on merchandising and information as to how and why Waspinator has become a best-selling impulse purchase for garden centres and gift shops, as well as a great complimentary sale for garden furniture and BBQ equipment.