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Tramontina Mood

Tramontina United Kingdom Ltd.

Tradition and passion are at the fore for us at Tramontina and, it’s not just about the product but also the pleasure the product can bring.

Over the years, we have evolved an ethos of bringing Brazilian hospitality to the global market where people get together to enjoy good times and create lasting memories.

Our portfolio is brimming with quality and innovation across wooden furniture, bistro sets, cutlery, knives, BBQ utensils, Churrasco/Barbeque and much more!

Tramontina Cutlery

Cutlery is a key category for our company.

Offering many outstanding features, our Churraco cutlery really is superior. Features include super-sharp serrated stainless-steel blades make light work of the thickest of cuts; very distinctive stainless- steel rivets which guarantee safety and security as well as a very characteristic appearance; sculpted ergonomic handles which are made from high quality polywood (real wood) from FSC certified forests which are dishwasher safe, impact and high temperature resistant and, uniquely, come with a 5-year warranty. Yes, they really are dishwasher safe, which is indispensable – the handles come out of the dishwasher looking every bit as good as they were the first day they were purchased so, you can have the beauty and warmth of natural wood with the convenience of being dishwasher safe.

Tramontina Beer Barrel Grill
Beer Barrel Grill

Our Beer Barrel Grill is another key product for Tramontina. Combining the passion and tradition of the barbeque heritage with contemporary elements and efficiency, at Tramontina we have re-invented the beer barrel grill!

This innovation combines a contemporary stainless-steel construction with high performance design, greater efficiency and safety. Simple and easy to use – the endearing beer barrel grill you always knew but with advantages and features you never thought possible! (Check out the short video below.)

Tramontina Tool Set
Tool Set

Every expert needs the right tools of the trade and the choice of barbeque utensils available from Tramontina will ensure all your barbequing requirements are taken care of and help you grill like a pro!

This rustic style, long handled barbeque tool set features tongs, fork and spatula/turner, all with wooden handles. The fork has long, curved stainless steel tines, the tongs have serrated edges for gripping food securely and the spatula/turner has serrated edges which are great for cutting and dividing foods – there is even a handy integrated bottle opener! This essential set will take care of all your grilling needs and the extra-long handles ensure you can keep a comfortable distance from the heat.

Tramontina Potenza Set
Potenza Set

The Potenza Set compact collection offers a combination of versatility and convenience coupled with contemporary design and simple style – perfect for relaxing anywhere, anytime. The set features an ergonomic plastic seat and back rest on the chairs for added comfort, and all items fold up neatly for ease of storage. It is crafted from hard-wearing, certified, treated teak wood.

Tramontina Feelings furniture collection
Feelings furniture collection

‘Feelings’ is a stylish furniture collection designed to embrace the contemporary home, adding a touch of elegance whilst also displaying an element of rustic simplicity. With a classic slatted design for an airy and refreshing feel, this four piece lounge set is perfect for any indoor or outdoor space.

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Our Beer Barrel Grill is another key product for Tramontina.

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