Que Fresco BBQ's & Smokers
Que Fresco BBQ's & Smokers

Que Fresco Ltd.

Que Fresco distributes five industry leading barbecue brands exclusively to the trade:

Smokey Olive Wood – Sustainably sourced wood dust, chips, chunks and pellets used to flavour and fuel cold / hot smoking and barbecue cooking.

Pit Barrel Cooker – Simply cooks some of the best food you’ve ever tasted with no hassle.

Ozpig – The original Aussie woodfired multifunctional outdoor cooking and heating stoves.

Monolith Kamado Grills – German engineered premium kamado grills.

BBQ Guru – Temperature controller devices that automatically and constantly control your barbecue and monitor food.

Established in 2013 Que Fresco is a family business whose mission is simply to provide the best in barbecue, enjoy barbecue cooking, and not to destroy the planet. For all our products construction quality is paramount along with cooking capability of the highest standard.

Que Fresco is the UK and Ireland distributor for a select range of quality barbecue brands. We work differently by importing and wholesaling barbecues and smokers that are built to last, and our range of wood chips is EU sourced, produced sustainably and solar dried. All our brands adhere to our core values of quality, longevity, and sustainability, and although there is clearly an environmental cost to running our business, we monitor this on a regular basis and donate to Rewilding Britain to ensure that our business is in balance with the environment.


We work with our client network in partnership, meaning we support you with product detail, a vast resource library of content for your use anywhere you like from your own website to your YouTube or Social Media channels. The resource library is a variety of manufacturer produced, our own informative guides, to our influencers and ambassadors helping your end user customers see and use the features and benefits of our products.

Ozpig wood fired stove cookers are the perfect accompaniment to home or home away from home live fire cooking and heating. With the smaller portable Ozpig and its larger Big Pig sibling, attachable oven smoker and a whole array of accessories the outdoors just got more exciting!

Smokey Olive Wood Lemon Wood
Smokey Olive Wood Lemon Wood
Smokey Olive Wood Oak Wood
Smokey Olive Wood Oak Wood
Smokey Olive Wood Orange Wood
Smokey Olive Wood Orange Wood

Smokey Olive wood smoking chips, chunks, and dust have a whole variety of wood types not just olive! A range outside of the normal and sometimes monotonous US staple species such as Lemon, Orange, and Holm Oak these flavours are perfect for hot and cold smoking. They are also produced sustainably even to the point of being solar dried and come in a variety of packaging types and sizes which are also sustainable.

Please visit www.quefresco.co.uk and get in touch for more information.

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The Old Pie Shop
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Website: www.quefresco.co.uk

Primary product range:

  • Barbecues
  • Heaters / Firepits

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