Pit Boss
Pit Boss

Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills By Dansons

Bigger. Hotter. Heavier®

Pit Boss® and Louisiana Grills®, two of the hottest Barbecue brands right now make their physical debut at SOLEX 2022.

Manufactured by Dansons, we are proud to be confirmed as the fastest growing grilling brand in the industry.

Pit Boss® brings the heat to SOLEX 2022 with a Bigger. Hotter. Heavier.® brand mentality.

Each of our products are designed in-house by a highly talented team of engineers and category experts. Quality and authenticity are the two pillars our company was built upon. If the Pit Boss name is on it, you can be assured of innovation, an unmatched value proposition and superior performance.

That said, Pit Boss® is more than just a Grill manufacturer. We are a full-service Barbecue provider. Within our brand you will find full ranges of Wood Pellet, Gas, Charcoal, Combination-Fuelled Grills, Griddles and Smokers, alongside Pellet Fuel, Cooking Accessories and Rubs and Spices that are available across multiple leading retailers in nearly 30 countries worldwide.

Our Louisiana Grills® brand strives to elevate your outdoor culinary experience by providing top-of-the-line products that were derived from the passion and precision of the world’s most foremost modern outdoor chefs.

Using upscale designs, quality craftsmanship and premium technology, Louisiana Grills® delivers an elite outdoor cooking experience that features robust versatility in a variety of sizes. Creating a community around outdoor cooking, backyard Barbecues and neighbourhood cookouts is an idea Louisiana Grills® is proud to be a part of, and proud to be included in.

Pit Boss®

Pit Boss logo

Offering 8 in 1 cooking versatility, our unique External Direct Flame Searing Technology™ and our industry leading 5-year warranty, Pit Boss® offers exceptional quality and value and market leading innovation.

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Louisiana Grills®

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For those who want the best, look no further than Louisiana Grills®. Exquisite flavour backed by cutting-edge grilling technology, upscale, stylish designs and a reawakening of performance and innovation. All delivered from over 20 years of Pellet ingenuity designed to raise the standard of your outdoor cooking adventure. With pioneering features like our patented Pressurised Cooking System™ that provides best-in-class rear exhaust output that evenly circulates heat and smoke throughout the cooking chamber.

Go to louisiana-grills.com for more information

Direct Flame Searing Technology only from Pit Boss® Louisiana Grills®.

Use the External Control Lever to instantly transform your Pit Boss® or Louisiana Grills® Pellet Grill. from a world class Barbecue Smoker into a high temperature wood fired Grill!

Open the unique Slide-Plate Flame Broiler to access the direct flame and char-grill or sear your food at temperatures up to 538°c.

Direct Flame Searing Technology External Control Lever
Direct Flame Searing Technology

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The Pit Boss Memphis Ultimate Combo Grill

The Louisiana Grills Founders Series

The Pit Boss Navigator 1230 Wood Fired Pellet and Gas Grill Combo

Pit Boss Charcoal 100% all-natural Hardwood Pellet Fuel

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Website: www.pitboss-grills.com

Primary product range:

  • Accessories
  • Barbecues
  • Marinades & Sauces

Meet the Team

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Darren Rivers

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